MacBook Pro shortage fuels update rumours

Reports that Apple's range of MacBook Pro laptops are falling into short supply are fuelling rumours that the company will announce a refresh soon.

We're already hearing chatterings about a February 9th or 14th event at which Apple is expected to announce the arrival of iOS 4.3, but the possibility of Apple convening a costly keynote for a minor point release of the mobile operating system is highly unlikley in our book.

Recent rumblings about the iOS announcement being all smoke and mirrors to cover up a stealthy introduction of the much-predicted iPad 2 are a little premature if you ask us, but the possibility that Apple's full-spec notebooks will get a minor performance bump and/or a lick of paint is not beyond the realms of reality.

Some international online Apple Stores are quoting two-to-three-week waits for some MacBook Pro models which could just be demand outstripping supply, but is more likely to be Apple winding down inventory in advance of shipments of new models.

Amazon recently revealed that the 13-inch MacBook Pro was its best-selling computer in 2010. Despite that, the book seller has recently lopped nearly 90 quid off of the price further fanning the flames.