Picture Of HTC Desire 2 Appears On Forum

The first picture of the HTC Desire 2, the rumored replacement for the HTC Desire, has appeared on a popular Android forum, only for it to be removed hours with the poster citing "various reasons".

Rastaman, of Androidforums, posted the photo, one which was rapidly circulated online (you can see it here) and shows what seems to be a device with a 3.8-inch AMOLED screen.

The phone apparently supports four point multitouch, come with a dual core processor, 1GB internal storage, Sense 2.0 with the usual skin; unlike what some report, the HTC Desire 2 is not likely to be the HTC Pyramid as the two have separate entries in leaked pictures of the German inventory system that emerged yesterday (see here).

Rastaman claims that it is carries the codename Passion 2 whereas another forum member points out that it looks a lot like the HTC Saga, one which appeared on Phandroid and Pocketnow before.

Engadget has also published the pictures of the handset coming from Taiwan, one which shows a unibody design, a flash, a front-facing camera and a rear one. It is currently running Android 2.2.1 but should be upgraded to Android 2.3.1 at launch.