Sony Ericsson Showcases Xperia Play In Creepy Ad

Sony Ericsson will present the Xperia Play, formerly known as the Playstation Phone, on the 13th of February 2011 at 6PM in Barcelona on the eve of the Mobile World Congress.

The mobile phone manufacturer released a video, showing a green Android robot getting a pair of thumbs transplanted onto its hands (but no feet) with the help of some very dodgy Asian surgeons.

There's also a poster which informs us about "the next gamechanger from Sony Ericsson and more". The phone bears the hallmarks of a classic Playstation Portable gaming console including two control pads with four buttons each and a large 4-inch screen.

It will be released only a few weeks after the unveiling of the Sony Next Generation Portable and the Nintendo 3DS and will be powered by Gingerbread.

However, the key to its success likes in its Playstation Suite which will bring Playstation content to Android for the first time ever, legally. It will be interesting to see how the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play manages to cohabit with the NGP and the current PSP gaming consoles.