Vodafone UK To Get White Nexus S

Vodafone will get the white version of the Nexus S in the UK when the smartphone, which went on sale last year, appears in the channel in the next few months.

Techradar says that Vodadone will be the first (only?) network to offer the white Nexus S for sale; which does not come as a surprise given that it was the only operator to sell the Nexus One as well.

The phone is also available in its charcoal version from Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy albeit indirectly on all popular mobile phone operators.

Rather than having a completely white chassis as it is the case for the iPhone 4, the white Nexus S will only have an off-white battery cover with the same black front.

This means that black Nexus S owners will be able to change their own battery cover for a small fee. The Nexus S is available on contracts starting from £30 per month and comes with a 4-inch display, Android 2.3 and a 5-megapixel camera.

Vodafone did not say when the white Nexus S would be available for sale but one has to ask how difficult is it to change a battery cover.