60 Per Cent Of Kids Lie About Age When Meeting Strangers Online

Six out of every ten children lie about their age when they meet strangers on the Internet, a survey released to mark the Safer Internet Day has revealed.

The survey, which was conducted by children's charity organisation Kidscape, also revealed that one in two young Internet users lie about their personal details online.

Kidscape polled 2,300 kids aged between 11 and 18 years in order to find out about their Internet use.

The results of the survey have been released to mark Safer Internet Day in the UK. As part of Safer Internet day, children and adults alike are instructed on how to keep themselves protected from harm when the go online.

Peter Bradley, Kidscape's deputy director, said in a statement to The Telegraph: “We were alarmed by the number of risks being taken by teenagers online. We know that safe online behaviour is taught in schools and by other organisations like us, but teenagers seem to be unable to relate the risks to themselves.”

The survey also revealed that 45 per cent of young Internet users believe that they sometimes feel happier when they are online than in real life, while 47 per cent claimed to have a different personality when interacting across the Internet.