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Apple May Move All Software Sales Online

Apple may be planning to stop selling boxed Mac software from its retail outlets following the immense success of its newly launched Mac App Store.

Citing sources familiar with the matter, Mac Rumors reports that Apple is looking to build on the success of iTunes App Store and the Mac App Store, and may soon cease to sell boxed Mac software. instead, the software will be made available through the Mac App Store only.

The Mac App Store was launched last month for the latest version of Mac OS, 10.6 'Snow Leopard', and is set to be one of the more crucial components of the upcoming Mac OS X Lion, which is expected to be released this summer.

According to Mac Rumors, the space free from the Mac software could be used to stack more eye catching products, like iPads and iOS device accessories. But it's still not clear how Apple will deal with Microsoft's Office for Mac and Adobe's Photoshop, which are not currently available on the Mac App Store.