Google Ventures Invests in Anti-malware Firm Dasient

Google's venture capital division has invested in anti-malware company Dasient, the company announced in a statement on Monday.

Dasient, which offers anti-malware software for websites and ad networks, has declined to disclose exactly how much it raised in the funding round, but has confirmed it said that it will use the money to expand, extend its reach into new markets and enhance research and product development efforts.

Google Ventures joins the like of Benhamou Global Ventures, Floodgate and Radar Partner, all companies which have previously invested in the company.

Paul Stich, CEO of Dasient said in a statement: “Dasient is thrilled to receive this new round of funding from Google Ventures to continue our strong growth and contribute new research and future technology innovations that can help curb the spread of sophisticated malware attacks.”

Google was apparently equally excited about the funding.

"Malware is one of the fastest-growing threats on the Internet today, and Dasient has developed innovative solutions that aggressively tackle this problem head on," said Karim Faris, Partner, Google Ventures.

"Dasient enables companies to proactively protect their websites by detecting and identifying a malware infection before it harms their business. We are excited to be working with the Dasient team to help build and grow the company as the worldwide leader in Web anti-malware."