Google Willing To Alter Search Algorithm To Avoid EU Fight

Google could be willing to change its European search engine algorithm in order to reach an early settlement with EU anti-trust regulators.

In an interview with The Telegraph, outgoing Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that, if necessary, the company is willing to slightly modify some of its search algorithm methodology in order to satisfy the EU.

Schmidt also indicated that Google wishes to avoid a lengthy legal battle with the European Union and is keen on resolving the issues as soon as possible.

Back in November, the EU announced that it would be acting on a complaint brought forward by a group of European companies led by Foundem, which accused Google of using its dominant market position to promote its own services ahead of others.

Meanwhile, a Reuters report claims that the EU and Google have begin early talks in order to resolve the issue as early as possible.

“There is some interest from both sides, some tentative discussions in resolving the issue, but no really concrete proposals on the table,” several sources told Reuters.