HTC pumps $90m into cloud-based gaming and video

Taiwanese mobile maker HTC has splashed close to $90 million buying into two cloud-based content delivery outfits.

The company announced yesterday that it had snapped up an undisclosed chunk of British video delivery company Saffron Digital, which currently provides multi-device media delivery, fast encoding and domain-based digital rights management to an impressive list of global mega-corporations including Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Sky, Samsung, Paramount, Fox, T-Mobile and Vodafone.

Saffron says it will continue to support its existing clients which would suggest that the $48.6 million investment is far from complete, contrary to some reports.

Today it has emerged that HTC has also acquired a $40 million stake in online gaming outfit On Live in order to beef up its ability to provide users with compelling gaming content.

Most mobile makers have been jealously eyeing Apple's ability to ring-fence its own content, boosting profits for both the company and developers, and HTC looks like it's determined to follow the Cupertino company's lead.

The company already makes some of the best hardware on the market but needs exclusive content to boost it out of the ranks of the iPhone also-rans and into real contention with Apple and RIM.