Inside Secure Brings Open NFC To Android Gingerbread

Google Android 2.3 Gingerbread is all set to get an open source near fields communications (NFC) API thanks to semiconductor firm Inside Secure.

Inside Secure has released a new version of its open source NFC tool, Open NFC 4.2, designed specifically for Android 2.3. The Open NFC 4.2 will allow hardware manufacturers and software developers to implement NFC technology across handsets running the new Android platform.

NFC technology can be used to allow people to make payments from their mobile devices by swiping them over a contactless reader on a cash register.

Philippe Martineau, executive vice president of the NFC business line for Inside Secure, said in a

statement: “Open NFC relies on a separate, very thin and easily adaptable hardware abstraction software layer, which accounts for a very small percentage of the total stack code, meaning that the Open NFC software stack can be easily leveraged for different NFC chip hardware.”

“This has tremendous cost, time-to-market and flexibility advantages for NFC chip vendors, smartphone manufacturers and software developers who would otherwise have to contend with rewriting the hardware-specific elements of the Gingerbread NFC protocol stack.”