McAfee Says Businesses Must Adapt To Combat Cyber Threats

Anti-virus firm McAfee has said that businesses will have to adapt to the changing Internet landscape in order to better combat cyber threats of the future.

In a report titled 'A Good Decade for Cybercrime', the company said that cyber threats to businesses have grown substantially over the years as the Internet grew to a major source of revenue for companies.

"With its rich landscape of e-commerce sites, paid services and online banking, the Internet became a treasure trove of money and information," the report says

One of the key strategies for online evolution of a business is to focus on the most relevant cyber threats faced by the business, McAfee said. On average 60,000 new threats were discovered every day in 2010, the company added.

Greg Day, director of security strategy at McAfee, said in a statement to Computer Weekly: “It is about knowing what is likely to have the most impact on your business and then ensuring that you have the right controls in place to be able to mount a quick and sustained response to those particular threats.”