New Apple Macbook Pro SKUs Appear In Best Buy Inventory Backend

Apple will almost certainly launch a new range of Macbook Pro notebooks before the 11th of March 2011 as leaked screenshots of Best Buy's inventory system have shown.

9to5mac says that the new Macbook Pro line will have a $1199 model which will replace the current 13-inch one which means that Apple will stick to its pricing grid.

Bestbuy will probably have these new Macbook Pro laptops in stock at around that date, which happens to be a Friday, with Apple formally launching the range a few days before.

The leaks come after reports of stock issues affecting the Macbook Pro, one that caused rumours about an imminent update of the range, to spread like wildfire. It is not known whether (or to what extent) the issues affecting Intel 6 Series chipset range may hamper the launch of the new laptops.

Intel's new Sandy Bridge processors are expected to equip Apple's Macbook Pro range with the new Lion operating system and most possibly the Geforce 500M GPU, one which was launched in January 2011.