Sinclair ZX Spectrum To be Relaunched Next Year

UK game developer Elite is planning to relaunch Sinclair's ZX Spectrum next year, when the iconic gaming computer celebrates its 30th anniversary.

Elite, which was responsible for some of the most popular games to be launched for the computer in the 1980s, is set to release a wireless version of the Spectrum computer capable of connecting to Apple's iPhone, The Telegraph reports.

The games studio was handed a new lease of life with the advent of mobile gaming. With the introduction of game emulators onto mobile devices, seasoned and young gamers alike have been drawn to retro gaming titles of yesteryear, and sensing an opportunity, Elite has been revamping its old gaming titles and launching them on Apple's iPhone platform.

According to figures quoted by The Telegraph, 67 per cent of people are now mostly using their iPhone and Android smartphone devices for gaming, some way ahead of texting, web browsing and phone calls, which account for only 54 per cent, 51 per cent and 48 per cent respectively.

The company is also planning to release some of its titles on Android and Microsoft's Xbox 360 console at a later date.