Sony Ericsson Xperia Play now official

Mobile phone manufacturer Sony Ericsson has officially confirmed the existence of the Sony PlayStation mobile phone, via their own Facebook page.

SE has both confirmed the mobile phone does actually exist along with ratifying its name, as the Xperia Play. This was all in news relating to the press event being held at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, on Sunday 13th February at 6pm.

The Sony Ericsson PlayStation Xperia Play was first rumoured to exist way back in August last year, ever since then it has pitched up in leaked images and video where now we fully know the real name and even its launch time and date.

No further details have been furnished by SE as to what the phone might deliver, although it’s reportedly arriving with a 4.2-inch capacitive touch screen, a 1Ghz processor and a 5 megapixal camera.

This is in addition to running from the newest version of Android, ‘Gingerbread’ 2.3 and the ability to run PlayStation games with built-in physical controls that mimic the PlayStation console.

Sony announced last week the PlayStation Suite, which allows for PlayStation games to actually be played on Android devices where this upcoming mobile phone is capable of supporting that very software.

One Mobile Ring is attending Mobile World Congress this year, where we will be publishing all the news as it happens next week along with images and video content too – stay tuned!

Sony Ericsson Facebook Page

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