Zuckerberg stalker slapped with restraining order

Baby-faced Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg has obtained a restraining order against a man who has allegedly been stalking him and his family.

The Facebook founder got the court-ordered ban against 31-year-old Pradeep Manukonda after a verbal warning from police failed to stop the man hanging around outside his house and trying to contact Zuckerberg, his sister Randi and his girlfriend Priscilla Chan.

Celebrity gossip rag TMZ revealed that Manukonda has been pestering the world's youngest billionaire and those close to him for cash via emails and hand-written letters.

In one such missive he reportedly wrote, "Please help me, then I am ready to die for you."

Manukonda has been ordered to stay at least 300 yards away from the Zuckerberg clan pending a hearing later this month.