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ACS:Law File-sharing Cases To Continue, Judge rules

A UK judge has ruled that the file-sharing cases bought forward by controversial law firm ACS:Law will go ahead, despite the company having filed discontinuation notices.

Judge Birss QC said that the cases, initiated by ACS:Law and its client MediaCAT, have been stayed because the discontinuation notices were an abuse of the court's process.

The judge ruled that the claimants had until 22 February to submit an application regarding the 27 cases or file a discontinuation notice themselves. If ACS:Law decides not to act, then the cases bought against the defendants will be thrown out.

But if the claimants wish to file an application together, the case will resume on 16 March and defendants will be allowed to submit application to recover wasted costs.

The court's ruling comes after MediaCAT and ACS:Law announced that they have ceased trading and expressed a desire for all cases initiated by them to close down. At the time, the controversial head of ACS:Law Andrew Crossley had said that his decision to cease trading was prompted by death threats and the hacking of his e-mail account