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Adobe Releases Flash 10.2 With GPU Support

Adobe has released an update to Flash, one which includes a new technology called Stage Video, that should make effective use of graphics processing units.

According to Tom Nguyen, product manager for Flash platform runtimes, the update will allow websites to take advantage of full hardware acceleration of the entire video pipeline.

This means that users will be able to experience high resolution content with less processing power and therefore longer battery life.

Adobe's own benchmark show that the new update is 34 times more efficient than previous ones, meaning that full HD content should reach at most 15 per cent CPU usage, making it perfect for low performance computers like netbooks or Windows-based tablets.

The performance gain is obtained regardless of the browser or operating system used and on the developers side does not require any changes to existing video libraries or infrastructure.

Support for the Stage Video architecture will also be included for GPU rendering in the upcoming Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 browser.

The update can be downloaded from Adobe's website here. Note that Google Chrome users will receive the update automatically and only need to restart their browser to use it.

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