Another Unknown HTC Phone Found In Promotional Video?

Other than the claimed HTC Wildfire 2 smartphone that made its way in the HTC Innovation TV Commercial, there seems to be another unidentified handset in the video; forward to 0:12.

In the scene, a woman is showing some video footage to two children and a man; the magnified photo of the phone is displayed below and the full HD version of the video can be found here.

Even with a blurry picture, you can just distinguish the metallic grill that covers the front speaker as well as how thick it seems to be; in addition, the screen appears to be either a 3.2-inch one or a 3.7-inch model.

We compared the picture to stock photos of HTC Android-based smartphone (the commercial did not contain any Windows Phone 7 handset as far as we could see) and couldn't find any similar models.

The complete list of HTC phones (24) currently available in the US can be found here. Any idea what phone that could be? Let us know.