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Apple iPad 2 In Production Says Wall Street Journal

Murdoch-owned and well-connected Business news outlet Wall Street Journal reports that Apple has started to produce a new version of the Apple iPad tablet.

As expected, it is thinner, lighter, has a faster processor, more memory and a more powerful graphics processing unit.

The WSJ adds that it will have a front facing camera for Facetime video calling (but no mention of rear facing one) and, no surprise here, there won't be a retina display screen.

Instead, Apple is apparently sticking to its tried-and-proven XGA 9.7-inch touchscreen. Production costs as well as the propensity of Apple to make gradual changes to products (to lengthen the life cycle) means that Retina Display on the iPad 2 was a non-start, at least for us.

The report also mentions that the iPad 2 will work on AT&T and Verizon 3G out of the box but not on Sprint and T-Mobile.

One can expect Apple to use the same camera components as the iPad Touch to save on manufacturing costs. Hence, you will almost certainly find a VGA front facing camera and a one megapixel rear facing one.

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