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Bing More Accurate Than Google, Experian Finds

A new study conducted by Experian Hitwise has found that users performing searches through Bing are more likely to visit a website than those searching via Google.

The report says that, in January, people visiting Bing clicked on search results 81.54 per cent of the time, while only 65.58 per cent of Google users clicked through. According to Experian, this implies that Bing is offering more accurate results than Google.

Experian Hitwise said in a statement: “The share of unsuccessful searches highlights the opportunity for both the search engines and marketers to evaluate the search engine results pages to ensure that searchers are finding relevant information.”

The company also found that Bing is catching up with Google in terms of market share. In January, searches powered by Microsoft's search engine accounted for 27.44 per cent of all US searches, a rise of 6 per cent.

Google, despite seeing its market share decline by 2 per cent, is still way ahead of all competition, accounting for 67.95 per cent of the market.