Company Settles With Woman Fired For Facebook Posts

The American Medical Response of Connecticut has agreed to settle a complaint filed by the National Labor Relations Board over the sacking of an employee who had posted derogatory remarks about her supervisor on Facebook.

Dawnmarie Souza was fired from American Medical Response in December 2009 after it was discovered that she had called her boss a "dick" and a "scumbag" in comments on Facebook. She was also barred from seeking union representation when meeting with her manager.

The National Labor Relations Board took an active interest in her case and filed a complaint on 27 October 2010, declaring that it was illegal to fire Souza over the remarks because the posting of online content is considered as "protected concerted activity" under the National Labor Relations Act.

American Medical Response has agreed to settle the case and to revamp its policies so that they don't restrict employees from discussing wages, work timings and other office related things on social media platforms after work.

The company has also decided to allow employees to seek representation from the union if they are to meet the management.