Dell Cans Adamo Laptop Range

Dell has quitely cancelled its Adamo laptop range, discontinuing a line that was once considered as the main rival to the Mac Book Air and sported the same price tag.

Announced back in 2009 at CES 2009, the laptop had a very high price tag, used an ultra low voltage Intel processor, solid state drive, an aluminium case and an ultraslim form factor to match its illustrious rival.

It also offered a 13.4-inch, 16:9 high definition screen with a SIM card slot and a built in 3G card but failed to impress with its average battery.

Dell has already discontinued the Adamo XPS, its successor without citing any reason for it. You can still purchase the Adamo for a fraction of its price from

But the US computer company is already promising to revive the design in its existing consumer brands (Inspiron, XPS and Alienware) within the next six months.

Those looking for a similar computer from Dell may look at the promising Vostro v130 series which come with an aluminium enclosure and most of the design features that made the Adamo a great laptop (embedded 3G modem, ultra slim form factor, 13.4-inch screen, SSD option) but without the price tag.