Gamestation Will Sell Xbox 360 DLC Instore As Well

GAME's sister company, Gamestation, will also sell Xbox Live downloadable content and arcade games from its stores according to an update we've received from the company's PR man.

Neil Ashurst, the head of PR at Game & Gamestation, confirmed via email that there will be 44 stores across the UK which will sell downloadable content cards; some towns like Brighton or Portsmouth will have two stores selling DLC.

On the other hand, we were surprised not to see any location in London; the nearest ones (Gamestation) are located in Hounslow and Staines.

More titles are set to be added in the forthcoming weeks and although Ashurst declined to commit to any specific deadlines, he added that the trial would be extended to other stores if successful.

He said that "This is a huge step forward for us" before adding that DLC would help bridge the digital divide between physical product and the DLC.

32 Xbox Live titles (points, sub, arcade, add-on) with varying PEGI ratings, varying prices (£3.40 to £39.99) and varying size (from 33MB to a whopping 2GB) are already available.