Intel Resumes Shipping Sandy Bridge Chipsets

Intel is to resume shipping its faulty Series 6 Sandy Bridge chipsets to manufacturers willing to use them in their products.

It had been previously discovered that Intel's newly launched Sandy Bridge Series 6 chipsets, codenamed Cougar, contained a design flaw in two specific SATA 3 Gbps ports that rendered the systems useless.

However, if the manufacturers used the other available ports then the systems would work just fine. The chips are set to be sold relatively cheaply, which could result in cheaper systems, and on a green note, reshipping the chips would be better for the environment, as producing new silicon chips consumes huge amounts of energy and natural resources.

PC World suggests that the move could back-fire on Intel, however, potentially tainting its Sandy Bridge line forever as the 'faulty chips' tag will stick to the processor every single time somebody writes an article on it.

But as long as manufacturers take care in using the chips and deploy the ports

unaffected by the flaw, it seems only sensible to use the chips and not waste them.