News@5: Smartphones Outsell PCs, Dell Reveals Latitude E-Series Laptops & Motorola Atrix

Computer maker Dell has revealed its new range of Latitude E-Series laptops, desktops and enterprise workstations, designed to cater to both the corporate and Gen-Y market. In a blog post, the company said that the new range is based on feedback it had received from a previous survey.

A new study conducted by Experian Hitwise has found that users performing searches through Bing are more likely to visit a website than those searching via Google. The report says that, in January, people visiting Bing clicked on search results 81.54 per cent of the time, while only 65.58 per cent of Google users clicked through.

Geoff Marshall, an Interactive Operations Engineer at the BBC, posted a rather intriguing tweet on his personal Twitter account yesterday, one that mentions the iPad 2. The engineer, whose role is to ensure that the iPlayer service, runs smoothly mentions that the iPlayer may take advantage of the higher resolution screen that the iPad 2 has got, before adding that "HD content will look good".

The Motorola Atrix, one of the most promising handsets that have been released at CES 2011 earlier this year, is set to be launched in the UK on the 25th of July 2011 if online retailer Expansys is to be believed.

It seems as if the problems that have plagued the GSM version of Apple iPhone 4 have come back to haunt the Verizon iPhone 4 handset despite apparent modifications to the original design. Charles Starrett of iLounge conducted a number of performance tests on the iPhone 4 and found out that the phone still suffered from signal attenuation issues like the first iPhone 4.