Nokia 32GB N8 arrives

Finnish fone manufacturer Nokia has just delivered a 32GB version of their flagship Nokia N8 handset, which is only available directly from their own on-line store.

Nokia has brought out a 32GB model by bundling in a 16GB microSD card with a standard N8 phone that already has 16GB of internal storage, with no extra charge attached for the additional memory.

This isn’t the largest amount of storage that has actual accompanied a Nokia handset, where their former flagship of N97 mobile of 2009 arrived with 32GB of internal storage that could be topped up with a 16GB microSD card to achieve 48GB.

Nokia’s 32GB N8 phone tips up with a 3.5-inch AMOLED capacitive touch screen, with the largest megapixel count ever seen in a Finnish made handset at 12 MP, backed by a Carl Zeiss optics along with a Xeon flash.

The mobile runs from their latest Symbian^3 OS that has recently seen an update. This service pack to the platform brings in a new Quick Office 6.4 editor that allows for zooming in and out of Word documents with a range of improvements that offer better overall stability at the core.

Nokia has listed the 32GB version of the Nokia free on their website, starting at £25.00 a month with 600 minutes, unlimited text messages and a 500MB data allowance with a free silicone cover.

Nokia 32GB N8

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