Nokia Management Shake-up Could Lead To OS Switch

Nokia's management shake-up could result in the company switching to operating systems like Windows Phone 7 and Android to get back in the smartphone game.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Nokia's management shake-up will see several high-ranked executives being replaced with new faces. The new management structure will be presented to the executives on Thursday.

The leadership revamp could also mean that Nokia might have to finally ditch using the Symbian OS in its smartphones and use Windows Phone 7 OS or Google's Android OS instead.

Nick McQuire, an IDC researcher director, said in a statement to V3: “Elop clearly needs to do something bold in terms of a strategy shift for Nokia, and he will therefore need his internal stamp on proceedings to execute.”

Elop's decision to revamp the company's leadership comes at a time when Nokia, despite being the world's largest mobile phone maker, is loosing ground in the smartphone market thanks to intense competition from Apple's iOS and Google's Android.

Nokia's last quarter financial report card showed a 21 per cent year-on-year decline in its quarterly profit and highlighted its diminishing smartphone market share.