Pic : Is This The 7-inch Apple iPad?

Ever wondered how a 7-inch Apple iPad might look like? Well, it seems that there were many people toying with the idea including a number of developers and even apparently, people at Apple.

Rumours of a smaller 7-inch tablet device from Apple, one with a 7-inch OLED screen have been around since July 2010 shortly after the release of the iPad itself; as recently as last week, several websites reported about the fact that Apple is still looking at a 7-inch iPad.

However, Apple's Steve Jobs has said in the past that a seven inch screen diagonal would offer less than half the usable surface area of an iPad and dismissed it during a scathing attack on Android in the company's conference call in October 2010.

But then we were sent this picture by an anonymous source without any comments or clarifications; we don't know whether it is just a mockup or the real thing but we suspect that the photo - if it is real - was taken more than a year ago, possibly back in 2009, in the UK, that is before the iPad was launched in January 2010.

This is definitely a smaller than a 9.7-inch iPad, one that has a much thinner (glossy) frame on the sides but still manages to keep the 4:3 form factor; the familiar iPad interface is there as well

The photo immediately shows one disadvantage of a smaller iPad form factor; you need to have a thick bezel to allow users to use their thumbs to hold the tablet. Although the picture quality is grainy, we can kind of guess that the screen resolution is around 800x600, yielding a higher pixel density than the current iPad.

Note the presence of the home button at the bottom of the screen (rather than on the side) as well as what seems to be either screws or sensors or front facing camera. Fake or true? Let us know your thoughts.