Adobe is mobile's weakest link, says McAfee

A quarterly report by insecurity outfit McAfee has singled out Adobe products as the best way to ensure your mobile device becomes infested with malware.

The Q4 Threat Report pulls no punches when it comes to naming Adobe's PDF Reader and Flash Player as two of the major culprits when it comes to malicious attacks on mobile phones and other luggable tech.

Sounding just a little smug about the whole affair, the report reads: "In 2009, McAfee Labs predicted that vulnerabilities in Adobe product would become the clear choice of malware authors and cybercriminals for distribution malware and compromising systems and networks. This prediction has come true.

"Throughout 2010 malware developers have heavily exploited weaknesses in both Flash and especially PDF technologies. McAfee Labs databases reveal that malicious PDFs targeting Adobe Acrobat topped the number of unique samples by a wide margin, making them the favourite target of client-side exploitation.

"McAfee Labs is certain that the Adobe trend will continue this year, as more mobile devices and non-Microsoft operating systems support various Adobe technologies."

We have little doubt that one Mr Steve Jobs will also be feeling the warm glow of self-satisfaction on reading the report, having very publicly banned Flash from Apple's triumvirate of mobile toys.