Rumour: Apple iPad 2 is in production

The normally sober and sometimes accurate Wall Street Journal is claiming that Apple's iPad 2 is currently in production.

Quoting those mysterious "people familiar with the matter" - which probably means the results of a Google search for "iPad 2 launch" - the WSJ is rolling out the same set of rumours that have been doing the rounds for months now about cameras, a lighter chassis, faster processor and more memory.

Despite manifold reports to the contrary, the US newspaper is bucking recent trends on the rumour mill by suggesting that the next iteration of the proddable portable will not feature a much improved display, but will instead have a screen "similar to the first iPad".

The same unnamed sources have also said that Chinese gadget assembler Foxconn is putting together the much-anticipated gadget right now. Unsurprisingly, Apple is keeping quiet about the whole affair.

Quite frankly, the fact that the phrase "people familiar with the matter" is used four times in the short article has our alarm bells ringing and, as such, we're calling shenanigans on this one.

Foxconn might be producing a limited number of prototype samples of the Second Coming of the iPad but we're pretty sure full production won't start until Steve Jobs (or whoever will be donning the black turtleneck in his sickly stead) strides onto the stage at the official launch keynote.

The chances of production models falling into the wrong hands are just too great for the notoriously secretive Apple to risk pushing the big green 'go' button before then.