Verizon iPhone 4 Is Test Run For iPhone 5

Apart from finding a dual mode chipset in the new Verizon iPhone 4, the tear down carried out by 9to5mac also found out some interesting differences between the GSM and the CDMA iPhone 4.

This leads us to believe, as we wrote before, that the Verizon iPhone 4 may actually be version 4.5, one which will provide with a blueprint for the iPhone 5. The cite lists the following changes which are quite minor but illustrates how Apple is systematically looking to improve even a flagship product like the iPhone 4.

The 10 changes - which are likely to appear in the iPhone 5 - include a new vibrator, the speaker housing, a cable protector, the cable goes under the battery to reach the logic board, logic boards have different connectors in different places, more screws holding the board down, a headphone jack, a different cover for the front facing camera, a dock connector flex and a different frame for the glass. You can view the full teardown video below