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Are The HP Touchpad & The iPad 2 Twins?

Apple's unofficial oracle, John Gruber, wrote yesterday that HP's new webOS slogans should have been "Everything Later" and "Wait for it"; looking at the HP Touchpad, you can't fault him given how similar Apple's iPad and HP's first WebOS tablet are.

Given that the iPad 2 is likely to stick to the same form factor as the first generation iPad, putting the former next to the Touchpad may look like below.

Obviously, the common points between the two go beyond the form factor; there's the 9.7-inch screen with an XGA screen resolution (we believe that the iPad 2 will stick to the same screen hardware as the first iPad).

The name of the Touchpad itself which is the portemanteau word formed from the iPod Touch and the iPad. It is almost the same size as the iPad and weighs almost the same as well.

Five others features that the iPad 2 will share with the Touchpad include the front facing camera, the Qualcomm baseband, the dual core ARM-based processor, the 1GB RAM and the apparent lack of microSD card slot.

Oh and there's one last thing; both HP and Apple use the same Taiwanese ODM to manufacture their tablets; Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd AKA Foxconn Electronics.