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Forget the iPad 2, Is The iPad 3 Already In The Pipeline?

John Gruber normally knows his stuff so when one of the most prominent Apple commentators around says that the iPad 3 might come in Summer 2011, months after the iPad 2, the world stops and listens.

The guy behind Daring Fireball (opens in new tab) wrote that the HP Touchpad "might bump up against the release of the iPad 3" if the release date of the tablet slips "until late summer".

He adds that their distant shipping date comes with the added disadvantage that the tablet does not carry any details on pricing. Ouch.

However, whether it makes sense for Apple to break its product cycle just to pile pressure on its competitors remains to be seen. The iPad 2 will probably go on sale in Spring which will leave a four months window before the iPad 3 supposedly go on sale.

The next generation iPad is expected to be completely different from the current model with a thinner design, a new operating system, a more powerful processor, more RAM, a different baseband processor and a supercharged graphics processing unit.

There were also persistent rumours about the iPad 2 sporting a retina display with a screen resolution of 2048x1536 pixels, four time that of the current iPad display. For the coverage of this rumour and countless others, please check our tag page here.

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