iPhone 5 Likely to Retain Most Verizon iPhone 4 Features Says Analyst

Apple is most certainly going to keep the majority of the design of the CDMA Verizon iPhone 4 when it launches the iPhone 5.

Wayne Lam who is a senior analyst at iSuppli, the company that is known for carrying very detailed cost analysis of popular smartphones, says that Apple should be able to retain 95 per cent of the design of the CDMA iPhone that has just been launched.

Barring unforeseen circumstances, Apple will adopt a Qualcomm basedband processor, which will allow it to release a so-called world phone from day one, in line with our own predictions.

Speaking to Computerworld, Lam added that "The changes required are not insignificant, but the CDMA iPhone foretells the feature design of the next iPhone."

It will also mean that Apple will be able to move around stocks in key territories (US in this case) faster to plug shortages more easily; it also offers the tantalising prospect of serving two of the biggest CDMA markets in the world, China and India.

Add in the fact that it reduces the cost of production and simplifies software management and it looks as if the purchase of Infineon by Apple was a blessing in disguise.

Finally, the fact that Qualcomm is providing with the blueprint for the baseband processor already means that Apple may shift to Snapdragon (with the PowerVR) rather than the Hummingbird.