Playbook priced at $500 by US retailer

Details of BlackBerry's forthcoming iPad opponent, the business-centric PlayBook, have been leaked from within the back rooms at US retail giant Office Depot.

What looks like a staff training slide has tipped up on CrackBerry and it seems to suggest that the lowest-spec 16GB version with Wi-Fi only will retail at a cent under $500.

That puts the QNX-powered touch-screen tablet on a par with Apple's cheapest offering and will almost certainly undercut HP's recently-announced TouchPad, though its price is to be confirmed.

The slide suggests the device will be hitting stores during week 17, which is the end of April according to our Buzz Lightyear calendar.

$500 translates to around £310 at today's exchange rate - but you'll have to add taxes and whatnot to that price. Manufaturers are no respecters of exchange rates either if demand is high enough, so it's more likey to be around the £400 mark by the time it hits UK shelves.