AMD to kill off Athlon, Phenom and Sempron

AMD looks set to kill off its Athlon, Phenom and Sempron processor ranges in a branding shake-up.

The company's consumer desktop chips will all fall under the new AMD Vision marque once new chips code-named Llano and Zambezi make it into the channel later this year, according to an internal document seen by XBit Labs.

The familiar names will be replaced with FX, A and E-series processors all under the AMD Visions banner.

The FX series, aimed at gamers and high-end multimedia installations, will include the Bulldozer-based Zambezi chips with four, six or eight cores sold as AMD Vision Black or AMD Vision Ultimate.

The A series, aimed at desktop workstations, will encompass the Llano CPUs with two or four cores and Radeon HD 6000 GPUs, and will power AMD Vision Ultimate and AMD Vision Premium platforms.

Cheapskates and those on a budget will have to make do with the E Series with one or two cores and basic HD 600 graphics, flogged in a plain brown box (OK, we made that bit up...) marked AMD Vision.

The names may be familiar, but for our money Ultimate, Premium and... erm, Plain make more sense than Athlon, Porthos and D'Artagnan. Or whatever it was.

See? We've forgotten already.