Everything Everywhere opens shop

Companies Orange and T-Mobile under the umbrella of Everything Everywhere are opening up single branded shops around the UK.

Everything Everywhere is setting up in five different locations, whilst providing a better shopping experience than just a shop for buying phones and in much the same way as the Apple stores operate.

The company behind T-Mobile and Orange are trialing out this new approach in providing a 21st century retail experience designed to engage the consumer.

Everything Everywhere’s first store opens in Altrincham at the end of next week, where this will be the first time the two mobile phone networks will be seen under the one roof for the shopper to pick and choose the best offering out of the two.

Customers will be able to see the actual stock of handsets behind a glass panel, where the glass store front will not display any posters or signs - which gives a clear view right to the very back of the store.

There will be live devices and tablets to use from inside of the store with access to free WIFI, much like the Apple stores and customers can even charge their phones at the Everything Everywhere shops – even if they’re not Orange or T-Mobile users.

Other stores are opening in Bishops Stortford and Eltham over the next two weeks, where the stores in Lowestoft and Evesham will be launched within the month.

Originally published at OneMobileRing.com