Hitachi matches iPhone 4's Retina Display

Hitachi has become the first manufacturer to match the iPhone 4's Retina Display with a new 4.5-inch screen for mobile phones and other portable devices.

Apple's 3.5-inch Retina Display achieves a density of 329 pixels per inch at 960x640 pixels, about as high as the human eye can detect at normal viewing distances.

Hitachi's new offering has the same pixel density but in a 1280x720 screen offering full 720p HD video. Like the iPhone 4's Retina Display, it uses an 'in-plane switching' (IPS) LCD panel to offer richer colour and wider viewing angles.

There's no word as yet if Hitachi will be punting the new display to other OEMs, but the Japanese tech giant is said to be in talks with Apple box-builder Foxconn about expanding its own range of hand-held gadgetry, according to electronista.