Samsung details Exynos dual-core mobile chip

Samsung has outed its first family of 'application processors,' ARM-based system-on-chip designs for its next generation mobile product, which it will be marketing under the new brand name Exynos.

A portmanteau of the Greek words 'exypnos' and 'prasinos,' meaning 'smart' and 'green' respectively, the Exynos brand will be used for all future Samsung mobile SoC designs - starting with the chip formerly known as Orion.

Expected to début in the Samsung Galaxy S2 Android smartphone, the newly named Exynos 4210 Application Processor uses a pair of central processing cores from British chip design giant ARM running at up to 1.2GHz and Adreno graphics technology to offer impressive performance at a low power draw.

"Application processors for the mobile market are one of the flagship products in our semiconductor business," claimed executive vice president Seh-Woong Jeong during the announcement. "We are excited to introduce the brand name of Exynos for Samsung’s Application Processor family.

"As consumers demand more from their mobile products, Samsung’s Exynos chips will be the power inside enabling the coolest HD multi-media features with even longer battery life."

While the Exynos 4210 sounds like an impressive piece of equipment, Samsung is going to face stiff competition if it wants to sell the chip to third parties for use in their own smartphone designs. With a quad-core ARM design due from Nvidia in the form of the Tegra 3 platform, and the recently announced dual-core Snapdragon MPQ8060 from Qualcomm already hitting the market, the Exynos brand will have to work hard to stand out.

Thus far, Samsung has yet to confirm its plans for other chips in the Exynos range - but if it isn't working on a quad-core design, it's likely to find itself out of the game sooner, rather than later.