Verizon iPhone Launch Marred By Low Turnout

The launch of the long-anticipated Verizon iPhone 4 in stores across the US yesterday went less well than expected, with Apple and Verizon stores hit hard by low turnout.

With short queues reported outside Apple and Verizon stores - and in some cases no queues at all - it appears that either most people had pre-ordered the device, not wanting to brave the freezing weather, or that Apple's device is incapable of attracting customers from other wireless networks to Verizon - but the latter seems less likely.

“This was the first day the phone was available in stores but the third day that customers could actually buy them. So when you do that and you add the frigid temperatures, yes, the lines aren't where we expected them to be,” Verizon spokesperson Brenda Raney said in a statement to The Associated Press.

Verizon Wireless had previously reported that when the device was available for online pre-orders a week ago, its first day sales had broken all previous Verizon Wireless records.

The company is expected to sell 12 million iPhone 4 devices this year alone.