Intel To Lose Big As Nokia Teams With Microsoft On Smartphones

Microsot scored another big win by enlisting Nokia as its strategic partner in the mobile market, one month after its CEO, Steve Ballmer disclosed that the company is working on Windows For ARM.

This is yet another stab in the back for Intel which sees its former best friend starting to compete more ferociously in the same segment.

For Nokia is unlikely to put much effort in making MeeGo, the joint venture it had with Intel to launch a competitor at the upper hand of the smartphone market to rival the iOS, WebOS, Andrid and Windows Phone 7.

Born out of the merger of Moblin and Maemo, MeeGo is still very much at the center of Intel's mobile strategy with a spokesperson telling the Register that "Intel remains committed to MeeGo and welcomes Nokia's continued contribution to MeeGo open source."

With Windows Phone 7 confirmed as its "primary smartphone platform" and Symbian OS occupying the rest of the ground (mainstream to lower end), Meego doesn't seem to have much left especially as it is a very latecomer without any powerful backers outside Intel.

Intel's attempt to push Meego can be seen as an open source Trojan horse aimed at getting more Intel silicon to replace solutions where ARM and others like MIPS are currently dominating.