Rugby Star Tracks Lost iPad Using Mobileme

Will Carling, rugby star and former England captain, used Apple's MobileMe online service to track down a lost iPad that he left on a train and was subsequently picked up by a stranger.

Carling tweetered his adventures on his Twitter account saying that he managed to track the device in a block of flats where he left 18 notes (to 18 different households).

One of them actually had the iPad and promptly returned it to the police station after Carling displayed a message on the tablet saying that his lost property is being tracked by the police, quoting the crime reference number.

Some might say that Will has been very lucky indeed; the person who found it could have switched off the iPad immediately after having found it making it impossible to track it down and then attempt to reset it or resell it on Ebay as a broken iPad

The MobileMe service is available from Apple for £60 per year for an individual and £91 for the family pack. But the Find My iPad application can be downloaded and used for free.