Volume Of Global Data Calculated

A study published in the journal Science estimates that the world's population had stored 295 exabytes of data by 2007.

According to BBC News, researchers have managed to calculate the amount of information stored by humans up to 2007.

For the want of a better perspective, one exabytes equals to one billion gigabytes. 295 exabytes is enough to fill 1.2 billion average computer hard drives.

Speaking to the BBC, the researchers said that if the data was to be stored in books, then there will be enough to cover a country the size of the US or China with 3 layers of books. If the information was to be stored on CDs then the stack could reach well beyond the moon.

Researchers believe that the digital age triggered an information revolution that prompted mankind to store more and more data.

Dr Martin Hilbert of the University of Southern California told the BBC: “There have been other revolutions before. The car changed society completely, or electricity. Every 40, 50 or 60 years something grows faster than anything else, and right now it's information.”