Hitachi HD Screen Too Late For iPhone 5

One subsidiary of Japanese electronics giant Hitachi, Hitachi Displays, has that it has developed a LCD display that matches the pixel density of the retina display found on the iPhone 4.

The screen prototype has a diagonal of 4.5-inch and uses IPS technology, the same as on the iPhone 4. It has a resolution of 1280x720 pixels, making it the smallest HD ready screen to hit the market.

Hitachi's newest gem surpasses the pixel density of the iPhone 4 which stands at 326ppi, with a marginally improved 329ppi.

The other specs include an impressive 1100:1 contrast ratio, which compares favourably with the iPhone 4's 800:1 contrast ratio, and a 500cd/m2 brightness, the same as the iPhone 4.

Expect the display to go into mass production by the end of October, which might be too late for the iPhone 5 but would be a perfect timing for the one after it.

Hitachi makes smartphones although most of them sold in Japan only. Hitachi Displays also dabbles in 3D technology and has been one of the driving force in the field.