Sony Ericsson : Back To Black With Android, Out Goes X-Moniker

The Opium Mar club in Barcelona was jam packed to officially kickstart the year which Sony Ericsson's CEO and President, Bert Nordberg, described as one where the company will go back to black (hence the Amy Winehouse theme of the night).

Nordberg described how the company sold more than 10 million Xperia phones since launching the Xperia X10 less than one year ago, that's up from nine million units sold only a few weeks ago.

The company has managed to generate more than 1.1 billion Euros worth of revenue and Nordberg hinted at a closer collaboration between Sony Ericsson and Sony Corporation as both companies look to use their strengths.

In all, four handsets were presented; the Xperia Play, the Neo, the Arc and the Pro with the last one being the only one that hadn't been leaked out and Sony Ericsson has canned the X-series moniker, possibly to prevent any side by side comparison.

As a side note, we couldn't help but notice that while the CEO of Sony, Howard Stringer, was present at the last MWC, Sony STILL doesn't have a presence at MWC this year, leaving Ericsson, its Joint Venture partner to handle everything Sony Ericsson.