Sony Ericsson To Use Same Qualcomm SoC On Neo, Play, Arc & Pro

We've received confirmation from Sony Ericsson that its four new smartphones will come with the same Qualcomm system on chip, one which is a single core model, clocked at 1GHz with an Adreno 205 GPU.

The SoC in question is the MSM8255 which is also used in the Palm Pre 3 and the HTC Desire HD. Sony Ericsson and HTC are the two only remaining Android smartphone manufacturers that have stuck to Qualcomm.

Game demos we saw earlier - including a 3D shooter - on the Xperia Play have proven that even a GPU like the Adreno which is more than 12 months old has enough oomph to run a demanding game without any noticeable hiccups.

Using the same hardware for four smartphones implies two things; Sony Ericsson drives down the bill of manufacturing through economies of scale, hardware designers and software developers also have the same platform to play with.

Sony Ericsson new strategy appears to revolve around providing almost the same features on all its new smartphones with a few notable differences.

For example, the Xperia Pro unique selling point is its keyboard, the Play, its gaming experience, the Arc, its multimedia prowess while the Neo is the sum of their common features (Gingerbread, HDMI connectivity, Mobile Bravia etc).