Tweetdeck On Verge Of $30m Takeover by Ubermedia

TweetDeck is on the verge of being acquired by California based UberMedia for $30 million, a report has revealed.

According to The Financial Times, people familiar with the on-going negotiations between the two companies are confident that TweetDeck was about to finalise the deal.

TweetDeck offers a desktop application that lets users manage their social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook from a single page. It has already been downloaded by more than 20 million people since its launch in 2008.

UberMedia, previously known as TweetUp, is a part of Idealab which was founded by Bill Gross, who has previously been in a number of high profile ventures. TechCrunch reports that the acquisition deal involves a mix of cash and equity shares to the investors and founders of the company.

TweetDeck is the latest Twitter based company acquired by UberMedia. Before this, the company had purchased UberTweet, a Twitter client for iPhone and Blackberry devices and EchoFon, another Twitter client.