Apple To Use Samsung Super PLS Screen In iPad 2?

The new iPad 2 tablet may well use Samsung's newly released Super PLS technology according to the a Korean newspaper which mentions the inherent advantages the technology has over the IPS one used by the iPad and the iPhone 4.

The Korea Herald says the PLS (Plane to line Switching) is superior to the IPS (In Plane Switching) as it provides with much better viewing angles, is generally brighter and costs around 15 per cent less to produce than IPS.

This is done by changing the shape of the individual pixels depending on the viewing angles and 9to5mac says that rival LG may have developed a similar technology as well.

Apple tends to use more than one component provider to limit risks and it would make sense for the tech giant to shift to PLS from IPS.

We do not know whether there's any limits to the size of the PLS screen or if it is possible to have Retina Display pixel density using the technology, neither of which should be a problem.

Expect the iPad 2 to have an XGA touchscreen that uses Super PLS display with other devices following suit shortly afterwards.