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Exclusive : Imagination Technologies Series6 "20x" Faster Than Series5

We met with Imagination Technologies' David Harold and Mike Hopkins, respectively Director of PR and marketing manager technology division at the UK-based company.

Apart from the fact that they have managed to ship more than 200 million graphics cores in 2010 (which is more than AMD, Intel and Nvidia combined), Harold also told us that the next generation Series6 graphics architecture will be twenty times faster than the Series5 SGX.

That's up to 100 times faster than the MBX graphics core that came with the first Apple iPhone or the Nokia N95 and all apparently sticking to the same power envelope.

On a per core basis, clock for clock, the performance gain is likely to be significantly but nonetheless impressive.

Hopkins added that the performance from MBX to Series6 is set to rise exponentially before stating that GPUs tend to scale more gracefully than CPUs in general.

Codenamed Rogue, the Power6 architecture has already been presented to several tier one lead partners and is expected to appear in products towards the very end of 2012, more probably at the beginning of 2013.

(ed : we've noticed that the paragraph mentioning Rogue on Wikipedia has been deleted from the PowerVR article).

Désiré Athow

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