Internet Firms Capitalizing On Egypt Euphoria

Big internet companies like Google and Facebook are looking to capitalize on the outcome of the Egyptian revolution which saw president Hosni Mubarak resigning from his position of power and leaving the country.

During the upheaval, the protesters relied heavily on Twitter, Facebook and Google services to rally and coordinate people.

Wael Ghonim, a Google marketing manager in Egypt, emerged as a hero of the revolution when he was released by the Mubarak government. It is said that Ghonim played a central role in bringing about the revolution and organising protests before he was arrested by police.

At the time Google distanced it self from Ghonim, drawing a line between his job and what he does with his free time. Since Mubarak's fall, as The Financial Times reported, Google instantly changed its stance about the whole thing.

They said in a statement “We hire incredibly passionate people. Their values are the values of the web: access to information, freedom of communication, the power of people and democracy and we’re always incredibly proud to see Googlers take a stand on those issues.”